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Streets Continues Success
November 7 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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JJ Stokes likely canít believe whatís happening to his position on the team. Stokes returned to the field in a limited role after a three week absence and likely will have a hard time ever re-gaining the starting position in the offense because of the performance Tai Streets has put up in his four starts in the offense, and how much more alive the offense has appeared since his starting in the team.

Stokes has recorded 20 receptions in the past four games (an average of 5 per game) for 269 yards. Those numbers are drastically better than what Stokes has put up in his four game stretch with his team.

Perhaps more impressive that 80% of Streets receptions are good for first downs. Thatís 16 of 20 receptions that went for first downs, showing that he is not only contributing but making clutch receptions.

Streets is just two receptions and 19 yards away from his career high, and with the 49ers retaining him as the teams secondary receiver, he should have an easy time attaining that new high.

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