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49ers Restructure JJ Stokes Contract
April 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
As if the 49ers were not busy enough on draft day, the team also restructured the contract of JJ Stokes. The 49ers have been working with Stokes for about two weeks now in the hopes that he would reduce his salary. Although the terms of the new contract were released, Donahue did state that "[Stokes] did take a pay cut from his salary last year," and that "[Stokes], will be back with us for the next two years."

Salary Capologists, John McVay and Dominic Corsell got the deal done while the 49ers were busy drafting. "I want to thank John McVay and Dominic Corsell for doing a wonderful job for us," said Donahue. In coming to a new agreement with Stokes the 49ers will virtually eliminate signing a free agent receiver like Willie Jackson.

The move also allows the team the ability to sign all of its draft picks quite easily. "It fits nicely with what we are trying to do here and it allows us enough freedom to sign all of our draft picks, including Mike Rumph," said Donahue. Donahue has already stated that Stokes' contract would have no impact on whether the team drafts a receiver.

The 49ers have to be pleased to keep Stokes, especially at a reduced salary. Stokes was productive - though no superstar opposite Owens. He closed out the season very well, and looked like he was finally getting in sync with quarterback Jeff Garcia. Stokes however will see much greater position for his second spot now that his salary has been reduced.

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