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Stokes Should Be Ousted
November 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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I hate having to preface articles about Stokes with the reminder that heís actually a favourite of mine, but if I donít, I feel that Iíll be getting a battery of emails explaining that I have a biased opinion, but I assure you thatís not the case.

The 49ers offense looked back to early season form against the Chiefs. Passes were thrown short, the field was not stretched, and the offense was far less productive. There were several reason for this, like the play of the offensive line, and the lack of focus by the 49ers in the second half, but both of these reasons undermine the reduction of Tai Streets role in the offense when JJ Stokes took to the field.

The 49ers decided that to make everyone happy, Tai Streets would remain the teams starting second receiver, but when the team went to three receiver sets Streets would drop in the progressions and JJ Stokes would move into the secondary receiving role. The result was an offense that was far less productive in the three receiver sets.

Consider for a moment how ridiculous a notion it is to reduce the role of a better player to get a lesser play more time on the field. Anyway you look at that statement it doesnít follow modern day logic. So why in the world would the team reduce Tai Streets role in the offense, to get JJ Stokes more looks if Streets is a better player? It doesnít make sense, and the sooner the 49ers realize this the better of they will be.

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