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Stokes Minimal Action
October 26 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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JJ Stokes continued to practice on Friday after returning to the practice earlier this week from his knee injury. Stokes, who has missed two consecutive games, will likely see at least some play time on Sunday, as his injury status was upgraded to probable.

Filling in for Stokes has been Tai Streets, who in Stokes absence has not only bettered Stokesí starting statistics in one fewer games, but has also made the offense look much more potent and explosive during his tenure as the teamís secondary receiving threat.

Stokes is ready to return to the field, but likely isnít near 100% yet. In all likelihood he will be shuffle into the receiving rotation this week, but wonít see that much action. This will likely be Tai Streets final consecutive start too, and thus heíll want to leave the 49ers with an impression that Stokes will have to try and out do in the following weeks to keep Streets as a bench player. If not, look for a line-up change coming soon to a 49ers field near you.

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