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Status Upgraded
November 9 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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On Thursday and Friday the 49ers were able to upgrade the status of several players on their injury chart. Eric Johnson, the teams starting tight end was one of them. Johnsonís status improved to questionable - still the 49ers donít expect to have him for this weekends match up against the Chiefs.

Kick returner Jimmy Williams was removed from the injury list, which means he will play this Sunday against the Chiefs.

Derrick Deese and Terrell Owens returned to practice this week, but Tony Parrish and Jeremy Newberry did not return to practice.

The health of the 49ers is improving, but they are still a very banged up injury that must avoid injury at all costs. This team will get better as players return to the field, but an injury to one of a few different positions could be devastating to the 49ers who have little to no depth left at many positions.

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