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Starting Field Position Deceptive
October 1 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers starting field position was very good against the Redskins, and actually it has been quite good all season. The problem though, is that the good field position is not a product of the special teams return men, but rather the result of good defensive play.

Now, donít get me wrong. Itís great to have a defense that forces turnovers, and punts from deep in the oppositionís territory. This is a good thing, something that is drastically improved over last season. The problem I have, is that the ball is not being returned for much of a gain.

Jimmy Williams continues to have inconsistent hands when catching kicks, and this will eventually cost the 49ers. He hasnít turned the ball over yet, but how much longer will he be lucky? When Williams does get his hands on the ball, he hasnít been the Ďspecialí momentum changing player the 49ers had hoped.

Williams is a good player to have on the roster because his defensive play as a cornerback is really quite good for a depth player, and compared to what the 49ers have had in the past years. The team however should consider giving Cederick Wilson more touches in returning the ball. The team needs to have a threat returning kicks, and they need to have someone who wonít drop the ball. Itís a little late to start hunting for such a player, but the team can not afford to be complacent. Fumbling the ball and not gaining field position will eventually hurt this team. Something has to be done to remedy this issue.

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