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New Stadium Still A Possibility
August 9 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Owner John York was in attendance at the 49ers practice on Thursday and he took the time to speak to the media. Along with re-affirming his interest in extending Mariucci’s contract after this season (and stating adamantly that he didn’t want that topic to be a distraction this season) York also stated that he and his wife Denise Debartlo York were still interested in building a new home for the 49ers, and that they are still working on the best way to do it.

York stated that he was somewhat disappointed that the city voted against selling the naming rights to the 49ers stadium (call it whatever you want, it’s still the ‘Stick to me). And he believes that the city could have used the approximate $1 million in ‘found money’. If the 49ers built a new stadium, that problem would likely not exist.

The team is still working on a stadium plan, and continues to visit the leagues new stadiums to see what can be done, and for how much money, but don’t expect anything to happen soon. A new stadium is still a long ways off, and when it does come, it may not be as welcome by the fans as one thinks. There are many who believe a new stadium will mean additional costs, and season tickets being pushed farther back from the field. They could very well be right. But facts are, the ‘Stick is a dilapidated building, if not for it’s storied history, many would likely be breaking down the York’s door demanding a new playing field.

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