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Assembling The Practice Squad
September 03 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers spent Monday practicing short handed. The team cut down its roster to 53 on Sunday, and having to play their opening game this Thursday, couldn’t wait to get a practice squad assembled before it proceeded with game preparations.

The team assembled an interesting roster on Sunday. Keeping two place kickers, eight linebackers and six linebackers the 49ers put together a rather uncharacteristic roster. Still the team is confident in the 53 men they assembled.

While the team and coaching staff spend Monday practicing, Terry Donahue and his management staff assembled the practice squad. The squad is loaded with potential featuring the following players: S John Keith, WR James Jordan, T Austin Lee, DE Darryl Sanders, and KR Antonine ‘TT’ Toliver.

If Brandon Moore clears waivers, having been released to make room for defensive tackle Garrett Johnson who was acquired Monday.

John Keith gives the 49ers some helpt at safety where they are currently very thin. Keith is still rehabbing from his knee injuries, but the 49ers do still believe he can be a serious player in the NFL.

James Jordan has a very impressive pre-season at receiver. Not keeping him on the active roster was likely a tough decision. Now, at least the 49ers will have him in the event that one of the top four receivers go down.

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