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A Whole Lot Of Speculation
May 9 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Every off-season teams make transactions and participate in the NFL draft. Players are cut, teams claim huge improvements in guys that remain in the roster, and all of them are generally optimistic. It is this type of speculation that makes the NFL off-season exciting.

But what do we really know about a team off-season Ďadvancemnetsí before they take the field? Not a whole lot. Sure we can comment on a player looking in better shape, or back from injury. We can comment about a player released who was no good the season before, or very good. We can comment about players reputations when they are signed with the team, but until September itís really nothing but speculation.

We learn to trust our favorite teamís front office. In case of 49ers fans, it quite easy to trust guys like Bill Walsh, whereas fans of the Bengals have a much rougher time. Itís this trust that brings optimism to the off-season and gets the entire NFL community excited for September.

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