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Improvement Needed On Special Teams
May 11 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers were a much improved team last season, but one area that still was lacking was on special teams. Neither the coverage or the return teams were that special last season, but as the team continues to improve its overall speed and defense, it expects to improve its special teams.

Coach Bruce DeHaven will have his hands full finding a reliable place kicker too. Jose Cortez proved that he can get the job done, but also show the inconsistent flashes that lead him to the XFL. DeHaven will try and make use of fourth round draft pick, place kicker Jeff Chandler in trying to remedy this area.

There may be some changeover at kick returner too. Although Vinny Sutherland was an upgrade over Kevin Williams, the team still wants more explosion from this position. A change could be made here, but strengthening the lead blocking would be a great start.

Going from a good team to a great team requires a strong special teams unit. The 49ers should have the men in place to have a strong special teams unit this year, and to cap it off, coach Bruce DeHaven knows what it takes to get the job done too. The 49ers need an improved special teams this year, and now that the talent is there, DeHaven should deliver, complete with all the toppings.

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