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49ers Looking For Special Players
April 27 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
With the 49ers first mini-camp already underway, the team has begun its search for a few special players. After each draft, NFL teams typically sign a slew of undrafted free agents (UDFAs). These players fall into the 'eight round' of the draft, and typically are long shots to make the team. The 49ers however, have done a remarkable job over the years of finding some talented players from the group.

This years UDFAs will have a much harder time making the team than over the past years. There are many more established NFL players already on the 49ers roster that the UDFAs would have to beat out in order to find a roster position. For most of them, their best chance is to show great potential through the special teams unit.

The 49ers special teams have been anything but special over the past few years. The team needs a kick returner to either push or take over the spot currently held by Vinny Sutherland. The team also needs to improve its return blocking and coverage units.

Special teams coach Bruce DeHaven will certainly have his eyes open this weekend. He will search through the pools of players available, looking for the few guys that catch his eye. A good word from DeHaven could help a player make it past the first cut down date, the hardest cut to make it through, and if a players can do that, who knows how far they can go with the team.

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