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Finally Some Spare Change
May 5 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Going through season after season battling the salary cap is no fun for any NFL team. Itís something the 49ers have had to do, and in getting out of salary cap trouble, the team provided a blue print for future teams in the same situation. But now that the 49ers appear to be out of the salary cap mess, they have some spare change, well ok they have about $2-3 million in spare change (after the signing of rookies).What is a team to do?

The 49ers still have some areas that they could address through free agency. They could bring in a receiver like Willie Jackson or they could bring in an offensive lineman to challenge Deese on the left side of the line. The team, of course, could just not sign any more players - tucking the money away for during the season where an injury or two may force them to find a replacement. Or the team could start signing their own.

Personally, I like all three options. The team still has some room for improvement at WR and OL, so money used in this area would be well spent. Though there is a very rich WR draft in less than a year from now - the 49ers could find what they need via free agency.

I like the idea of tucking the money away too. The team has seen the need to sign players late in the season, like Charles Hayley and Tyronne Drakeforde, even Deion Sanders. This perhaps would be a good way to spend the money.

Of course the 49ers are an improving team, and the 2003 free agency period could brutalize the team. Spending money to lock in Ahmed Plummer, Jason Webster, Julian Peterson, and maybe a few others would be money very well spent too.

The 49ers have three very good options for their spare change, which ever avenue they pursue is likely to be a good one. I just canít put aside the importance of signing our own young talents, so thatís where I think the money should go. Plain and simple.

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