Soon we will see---2/11/99

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With one day to go until the free agency period starts, the 49ers are frantically trying to restructure contracts and resign Terrell Owens and or JJ Stokes. The 49ers are currently about 6 million dollars above the salary cap. Remarkably they started the off-season close to 25 million above the projected 1999 salary cap. Already the contracts of Jerry Rice, Tim McDonald, Chris Doleman, Ray Brown, Ken Norton JR, and Gabe Wilkins have been restructured. The 49ers gained some relief by way of the expansion draft and the release of Jamie Brown.

Rumours are already flying that the 49ers will trade Irv Smith, Roy Barker, and Ty Detmer to the Browns for draft pics. This may seem like an awkward move, but the 49ers have a plan. To make up for the loss of Ty Detmer the 49ers are seriously considering hiring last seasons, CFL Most Outstanding Player, Quarterback Jeff Garcia. Garcia is a mobile QB and is 28 years old. He would back up Steve Young. Through the trade, the 9ers would almost deffinitley aquire the first pick in the second round. This pic would allow the 49ers to draft a defensive back and quarterback in rounds one and two of the draft. This could answer the questions of the 49ers future.

The 49ers have more trade bait in Jim Drukenmiller. They may look trade Drukenmiller on draft day for a second round pic. There could be a few teams looking to pick up the former number one pic, and if the 49ers draft a QB you may aswell kiss the Druk good bye. Bill Walsh is legendary for draft day manouvering and if he can get two second round picks, the possibilities are endless. The 49ers may also try and trade offensive lineman Kevin Gogan, Gogan is ageing and doesn't fit under Bill Walsh's interpretation as a 49ers offensive lineman.

Still the 49ers may be forced to let go of Merton Hanks, this move would be extremely unpopular, but not necessarily bad. The 49ers have a great talent in backup safety Zack Bronson who had 4 interceptions last season, tyeing Hanks for the team league, and that was off the bench. Bronson is younger and on the rise, and Hanks may be on his way down after two sub-par seasons. We all know that Bill Walsh likes young talent on the rise more then old talent on the fall, so if Hanks is released, I personally wouldn't be shocked.

The 49ers have a big two days in front of them. There is a good chance that there will be a number of trades and releases by Friday night. The 49ers will have to extend a contract to Owens if they intend to keep right of first refusal. This will allow the 9ers to match any contract offers made to Owens. They will also try and keep Stokes, but if he is to expensive they wont hesitate to go to Mark Harris, an excellent player already on the 9ers roster, he is also young. The 49ers have a ton to do, and it will happen fast, so stay tuned. . Talk about it in the 49ers forum

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