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Shaws Deadline Approaching
November 9 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers will have to decide early next week on the status of defensive tackle Josh Shaw. Shaw is currently approaching the end of his three week window in which hes trying to show the team hes ready to return from the injured reserve.

Steve Mariucci has not made a decision on Shaw, who at one point seemed to be a long shot to play this year, but the team now appears inspired by his recovery. They will decide on Tuesday whether they will activate him to the roster, or place him back on the injured reserve ending his season.

The 49ers have already ruled out trying to release Shaw and reclaim him to the practice squad. The team views that as too great a risk, firmly believing that Shaw will be a great asset to the team once he returns to full health, and adjusts to the NFL level.

Defensive tackles Bryant Young, Dana Stubblefield, and Jim Flannigan would love to have another tackle in the rotation to help them keep fresh, and Shaw could do that. If the 49ers choose to activate Shaw though, some other player will have to be released.

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