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Josh Shaw Headed To PUP?
June 22 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers have high hopes for rookie defensive tackle Josh Shaw. The tackle was drafted low this season due to injury, and has been rehabbing. The 49ers believe that when he returns he will be an impact player on the team. But they are not about to rush him to return before he is ready.

The team has reasonable depth at the tackle position, and thus can afford to take Shaw into training camp, and eventually place him on the physically unable to perform list. Such a move would give Shaw nearly the entire season to get his knee back in shape. It may be exactly what the team does - especially with the recent signing of Jim Flanigan.

Shaw was originally set to be ready by August, and he isnít reportedly behind schedule, but if the 49ers have the luxury to get him some extra rest - they may just pounce on the idea. When he does take the field though, the 49ers will expect great things from him.

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