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49ers To Activate Shaw
November 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers have elected to stick with defensive tackle Josh Shaw who has been recuperating from an injury that occurred prior to the draft. The rookie defensive tackle will be activated to the regular roster this afternoon after the 49ers make room for him on the roster.

The 49ers want Shaw to be able to practice with the team, and to be able to sit in on team meetings, something that wouldn’t be able to happen if he was placed back on the injured reserve. Shaw may not be active for any games this season, but by staying on the roster Shaw can continue to improve.

Terry Donahue said that Shaw “may not be active this year” and that he will be the “answer” if one of the other three defensive tackles get injured. Donahue cited the reason for Shaw’s activation as him being “healthy enough” and so the 49ers will activate the promising prospect to their roster today.

As the 49ers look for room for Shaw they will have to cut a player. Three possibilities are Craig Osika a rookie offensive lineman, tight end Mark Anelli (whose status depends highly on Eric Johnson) or possibly James Jordan the team’s fifth receiver.

Further - As 49ers Paradise reported last week, Jeff Ulbrich and Paul Smith have signed contract extensions.

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