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Seventh Heaven
November 6 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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49ers defensive end, Andre Carter, a former first round pick who is now in his second season with the club, is leading the team for the second straight season in the sack department. On Sunday, Carter recorded his seventh sack of the season, surpassing his total of 6.5 in his rookie season.

The 49ers have not had a defensive end record double digit sacks since the days of Chris Doleman and Roy Barker. Carter is on pace for 14 sacks this season, and is getting help from the rest of the defensive line. Itís the lines ability to work together, with tackles Young and Stubblefield sacrificing their statistics for pressure from the ends, a theory that has proved beneficial when compared to the lack of pressure last season.

Andre Carter has also been forcing his share of fumbles this season. Carter, has made a living of hitting the quarterbacks arm as heís sacking him, forcing the ball to fall to the ground. In the past two games, the ball was recovered by the opposition, but every time the ball hits the ground, it gives the 49ers potential for a big play.

The 49ers need Carter to continue his production from the defensive end spot. They also need a little bit more pressure from Okeafor. When Winborn returns to the lineup, Jim Mora may add some more blitz schemes to the defense too this should benefit the sack totals. Carter is having a great season, living up to his potential, something that rarely happens for highly touted first round draft picks.

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