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Serenity Now
April 18 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Life around 49ers headquarters seems to be in harmony. That's right, for the first time in a long time, there are no conspiracy talks about who is running the organization. There's no talks about where coach Steve Mariucci may end up next week. There's no news on a rift between Mariucci and Donahue. Quite simply, the 49ers headquarters is in a state of serenity. About time isn't?

I've always felt that any rift in the organization was overblown by the media. With the efficiency that the 49ers off-season has achieved, and with nothing but promising, optimistic views coming from the team, it is hard not to think that the relationships are solid. Bill Walsh's move into the background has been seamless. He is still very much a big part of the team though, and the executives and coaches care about his input, unlike when Marc Trestman was running the offense. Terry Donahue has continued to supply Marriuci with great players, and has returned virtually all of Marriucci's players from last season. Certainly if there was a rift in the organization - such a smooth off-season would be an impossibility.

The media likes to uncover stories, attract interest, and do whatever it can to bring in readers. An internal feud within the 49ers organization is a good way to do that. But with so much news surrounding the team this off-season, the media has focussed its attention elsewhere. It's the first time, in a long time that the news around 49ers headquarters is completely smooth.

The clear skies within the team are something that the front office, and coaching staff have been stating always existed. They are quick to grant that no relationship goes without strained periods, but quickly point to there being no real troubles. It is exactly that which I believe, and until I hear a 49er coach or executive state otherwise, it is what I will continue to believe. As for Mariucci's relationship with Terrell Owens - that too seems to be on the mend. If the general tone of this off-season carries on, the 49ers may even have a controversy free season; now wouldn't that be something?

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