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Remembering 9-11
September 11 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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On behalf of Syd, Chris (Zim), Cory, Trevor, and of course myself, Iíd like to take a moment to remember the events of a year ago.


The numbers so perfectly affixed to the terror of the day, the World will never forget the attacks on the United States.

No amount of violence in films can desensitize any rational being from devastation of two airliners flying directly into two of the United Statesí most recognized towers. Nothing can ever replace the image of people leaping from more than 100 floors off the ground to a death so gruesome, that it haunts to this day.

Today, the first anniversary of the Attack on America, the attack on civilization and diplomatic freedoms, we can only look to one another for peace. There is no way any of us, can begin to shed light, or bring sunshine into the lives of those who suffered losses from the incident a year ago. But we can sympathize. We can express our devotion to our countries, our freedoms. We can protect ourselves.

Too many died. Too many that wonít be forgotten. Innocent victims, who simply went to work one day, by the masses, never having the opportunity to say "bye" or make peace with their families. Victims, who were survived often by children and infants, victims who never even had a chance.

There were plenty of heroes too. Firemen, policemen, paramedics, and even civilians rushed to the aid of the innocent. These heroes, in many cases became victims as well.

We must never forget the events of 9-11. We must never let our guard down, and never let the events happen again. I can not begin to imagine the pain that others, who lost loved ones, a year ago, are feeling today. None of us can. But we all still feel pain, we feel the pain of thousands of men and women, innocent men and women, who if not for the terror of 9-11 would still be alive today.

Putting the events of 9-11 behind us, should never happen. We must move ahead without ever forgetting. 9-11 should shape our lives, our actions, and our ethics, morals and reason. We must better protect our nations and our freedoms. We must, in some way make sure that the thousands that passed on, did not do so in vain.

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