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49ers Finally Can Be Selective At DB
May 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
After years of mixing and matching to find a set of defensive backs that can not only play at the NFL level, but also stay healthy, the 49ers may finally be in position to make some choices at the positions. While the top five positions are pretty much filled out with Ahmed Plummer, Jason Webster, Zack Bronson, Tony Parrish and Mike Rumph, there will be plenty of competition on the depth charts.

At safety, Ronnie Heard, John Keith and rookie Kevin Curtis will all fight for two spots. In all likelihood only two will remain come September.

At cornerback, Rashad Holman, Teddy Gaines, Anthony Parker and safety Ronnie Heard will all compete for likely two positions.

The 49ers may play it safe and keep an extra defensive back or two though, and that could help secure veteran Anthony Parker a spot on the roster. But at least this year the 49ers will have some talent to choose from, where as in recent history the team has gone through the likes of Rod Woodson, ‘Mighty Mouse’ McMillian, Tyronne Drakeforde (twice), Marqueze Pope, and Monty Montgomery among others. The team finally seems happy with who they have at the position. It’s about time!

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