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Liking What They See
May 16 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
49ers executives like what they see when they look down the 49ers roster. They see a great mix of youth and veteran talents, players wanting to be 49ers, characters who want to help the community, leaders who want to take charge and lead the team to victory and many young talents drafted this off-season who havenít even signed on yet.

Itís quite the turn around from two years ago, when the teamís front office could only hope that the team wasnít thrown into a bottomless pit. Bouncing back in record time was quite the accomplishment, but to do so with approximately $5.3 million in free salary cap space. Now that is impressive!

The team also expects to free up some space when veterans Ray Brown and Jr. Bryant are released after June 1st. The additional $1.4 million will leave the team in better shape than it can probably ever remember being in.

Providing the team would exhaust its $3.5 million rookie pool in signings it rookies, the team would be $3.2 million under the cap. That number is certainly enough to sign a veteran receiver or lineman if they so chose. Itís great to see that the team is in great shape financially, and in terms of talent. Gosh knows as the talent continues to improve, the teamsí future outlook of money under the cap will become increasingly more important.

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