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Too Many Penalties
October 19 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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When writing these articles I hate to harp on the same issues over and over again, but when it comes to penalties, I really tend to repeat my self. Simply put, on Monday night the 49ers not only committed too many penalties with 8 for 51 yards assessed, but the penalties occurred at inopportune times.

Three penalties were assessed that gave the Seahawks first downs. Two penalties were assessed on a second quarter drive that forced the 49ers to go 3 and out from inside their own red zone. One penalty in the second down turned a potential touchdown into a field goal attempt.

These penalties seriously reduce the effectiveness of both the teamís offense and defense. Mariucciís squads typically average five penalties a game, which is a fair number, but when the 49ers go over that mark, as they have twice this season, it really reflects a lack of focus.

When playing good teams, the 49ers wonít be able to get away with a few key penalties. Those penalties will be capitalized on by the opposition. The 49ers were fortunate against the Seahawks in that they werenít able to take advantage of the situations that the 49ers afforded them. The team canít be so careless this week against the Saints or they will pay for it.

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