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Speacial Teams Reactions
October 16 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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I remain disappointed with the 49ers special teams. Not only is it having troubles getting a nice return, but it canít seem to stop opponents either. This group needs work, and with the loss of Terry Jackson a special teamís ace it will have a hard time improving.

The 49ers will likely activate Jamal Robertson with Jacksonís injury, and Robertson may be able to at least help the return game. Robertson has been waiting for his chance to show case his talent in the NFL, and it may finally come this week. Still with the 49ers looking to activate John Keith it will be hard to find two players to trim from its roster - perhaps Jackson will be placed on the injured reserve.

The 49ers special teams needs to improve its coverage ability. The team allowed a punt return for a touchdown that made this game closer than it ever should have been. About the only thing going right for this group right now is Jose Cortezí 9 consecutive field goals.

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