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Was Spurrier Wrong To Run Up Score?
August 7 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Since the 49ers got blow out in pre-season, there’s been quite a bit of debate as to whether coach Spurrier was right to run up the score on the 49ers. The clashing sides to this argument are that it was a pre-season game and that there was no reason to keep pushing it when the game was already in hand, the other side is that the pre-season is the only time to get a look at different players, and the Redskins have a very tough decision to make, particularly at quarterback.

Personally, I don’t believe that there was anything wrong with the Redskins game plan. The 49ers were able to stick to their game plan and got to see their depth players go up against some first stringers. While it may have been a shot at their confidence, it will likely be the only chance that Mariucci and his staff have to evaluate their backups against starting caliber players.

Running up a score is typically in poor taste, and while Mariucci and his staff appeared rather disgruntled by the practices, I truly believe it was a good thing for the 49ers. It clearly showed where the 49ers need to improve, and gave the team plenty of reason to bring their ‘A’ game when the two teams collide in the regular season.

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