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Scoring Easy
October 22 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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For the second consecutive week the 49ers opened the game and were able to move the ball very effectively in the first quarter. On Sunday the 49ers scored on their first three drives of the game - which is quite encouraging. Actually until the fourth quarter the 49ers seemed to be able to score at will.

However for the second consecutive week, the 49ers also were unable to stop opponents from scoring fourth quarter points. Last week the team got lucky escaping with a victory, on Sunday the 49ers were not so lucky. They couldnít match the Saints fourth quarter points, mainly because they gave up the ball twice in that quarter.

The 49ers need to find a way to continue scoring as easily as they have, but the defense has to learn to stop the opposition, particularly when playing with a lead. There is no way the 49ers will beat good teams on the road if they canít make a defensive stand. Scoring to open each game, three times in a row for that matter, is a great start, but its all for not if the defense canít force the opposition to give the ball up.

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