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Schulters Issues
April 3 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers and Lance Schulters had been in negotiation since the seasons end. Typical story, Schulters wanted more money than the 49ers were willing to offer. Schulters has received lots of interest from the Titans but they don't want to negotiatie contract figures, until discussions with the 49ers had broken off. With the 49ers signing safety Tony Parrish to a five year $12 million contract.

Really it's Schulters agent that was the problem. I've grown to really like Lance during his time with the 49ers. He plays through pain, and always a high level. He has a silly nack though of picking terrible agents. Last year he was encouraged to hold out for more money, he fired that agent, only to sign an agent this season that has pretty much made him the laughing stock of free agency.

The interest in Schulters was tremendous at the start of free agency, but his agent has been slow to react, and hasn't gotten anyone to really buy into his client. With the draft three weeks away, and Parrish signing a contract for less than what the 49ers were rumored to have offered Schulters, the chances of Schulters receiving top dollar continue to diminish. His agent must be feeling really smart right about now.

Schulters is a great player, and a great person, but his agent is making him look like a fool. I hope for his sake, that regardless of where he signs - probably with the Titans, that Schulters drops his agent. It's highly unlikely Schulters will get more than that $13 million the 49ers offered him. But heck, at least he'll be at home on the East coast.

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