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Schedule Rundown--04/02/99

For the first time in many years the 49ers schedule features the word challenge.  In the past the 9ers had an easy schedule, playing teams hardly worth the jerseys they are wearing.  However this year they face 8 teams that made the playoffs last season, includeing Jacksonville for the first time ever, and our biggest current rival, Green Bay.  Amoung them we also face Atlanta twice, who proved to be a worthy opponent last season.  As usual the 49ers also play New Orleans, St. Louis and Carolina because they share the same devision.  These teams are all improving, and with Carolina bringing former 49ers head coach George Seifert into the situation, things could heat up.  The 49ers will also have a tough fight against Pittsburgh, a team that never really says die, but did slip a little last season.  One of the most interesting games of the season will be when the 49ers take on the Minnesota Vikings.   The Vikes defined explosiveness on offense last season, with Randy Moss, Chris Carter and Jake Reed, they proved to the league that they are for real.  The 49ers have Jerry Rice, JJ Stokes, and hopefully Terrell Owens to match them.  This game will surely be the most explosive of the season.  Another change to the 49ers schedule is that the weak off comes later then usual.  Over the past few seasons the team was given a weak off in the first four games, this season they will have to wait until the seventh weak.  Hopefully this will be a beneficial time for the break.   Overall the 49ers schedule looks a lot tougher then what they have faced in the past.  With a little luck, and a lot of skill the 49ers will strive for another great season!