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49ers Hint That They Want Super Bowl
June 15 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers goal last season was to be a good ball club. They did that in securing a 12-4 record and making the playoffs. This season though, it appears that the 49ers have bigger and better plans. All though you wonít get anyone on the team this year to say they think they have a Super Bowl contending club, the team is certainly taking that type of attitude.

Things around the 49ers office are indeed returning to normal. There was a time when it was Super Bowl or bust, and every season that was the teamís goal. It lead to success a plenty. This season, the teamís goal also seems to be winning the big one.

The front office staff is doing everything it can to load the team with talent and depth at every position. So far, they have done an incredible job at that. This team should be improved over last season (although they may not win twelve games again, the team its self will be better).

The biggest hint that the 49ers had extremely high goals for the team this season, came just recently in a comment by Terry Donahue: "We believe the quarterback position is absolutely the most critical position on the football team, we've got to make sure we create the best corps of quarterbacks there is in the NFL so if, God forbid, anything happens to Jeff Garcia, we can accomplish the goals we've set for the organization. The greater the quality of players at that position, the greater the competition will be. At times (McNown) has shown promising qualities and characteristics at the position."

This is the first time that anyone in the organization has referred to high goals for the coming season. When you add it all up, it certainly sounds like the 49ers are serious about making a run for an unprecedented sixth championship. There is of course a ton standing in their way, but its great to see that from the top down, the 49ers are displaying the right attitude, and have the right ideas in mind, in order to be a success in this league.

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