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Shutting Down The Run
November 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Each week the 49ers seem to be facing another tough runner. Whether itís Marshall Faulk twice a season, or Stephen Davis, Deuce McAllister, Charlie Garner, Priest Holmes or as in this week, LaDainian Tomlinson it seems like every opponent the 49ers face this year has a premier running back. Maybe thatís do to the rash of top rushers coming out college lately, but for whatever reason, it seems like the 49ers are constantly facing the top rushers in this league.

Amazingly the 49ers are only giving up about 111 yards rushing per game. While this statistic is not all that impressive, they have really only been dominated by one running back - Deuce McAllister, and that was in a large part because the 49ers had to watch out for Aaron Brooks running through the field.

The 49ers will again face one of the leagues top runners in the league, and this time itís likely that the opposition will go to him a whole lot. Teams are beginning to recognize that the 49ers are winning because of their domination in the time of possession department. Teams will begin to try and run the ball against the 49ers to keep their offense on the field. That should mean a whole lot of Tomlinson this weekend.

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