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Rumph’s Contract Revisited
July 27 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers had to go back into negotiations with Mike Rumph’s agent when the NFL declined to approve the rookie’s contract. The rather strait forward contract has now become much more complex, and on paper is now one years longer.

The old contract for five years (plus one that can be voided), at $6.4 million with $3.2 million in guaranteed money remained the basis for the new version of the contract, that now has two easily voided years on its end. The changes made include increasing the signing bonus to $3 million while only carrying $200 000 of guaranteed salary for this season.

Rumph can earn an additional $2.5 million in his fifth year with escalating incentives, and an extra $100 000 per year with ‘hard to reach’ incentives.

Essentially the contract is the same; it’s just had to have been submitted differently. The NFL reportedly sent back three versions of Rumph’s contract, disapproving of all of them.

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