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Another Receiver Question
October 27 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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This week there has been a huge focus on the 49ers receiving situations. Streets vs Stokes, Owens and his injury, and in general what the 49ers should do to continue the improvement seen in the offense over the past few weeks. One area which really hasnít been delved into - and as I write this, Iím wondering if I should dare open the subject up, but given the inconsistency in Terrell Owens hands, I just canít help but wonder if the team would be better off with two good receivers instead of one great receiver, and one pretty good receiver.

Personally I prefer to see the 49ers retain Owens, but I canít help but wonder if Garcia would be a more effective quarterback if he had two equally good receivers to choose from, and two receivers who donít drop the ball. The reason I think Garcia could be more effective under such circumstances is that there wouldnít be pressure to get the ball to a certain player, and so Garcia and the coaching staff would be able to keep defenses guessing more, because they wouldnít know who the ball was going to.

The argument is futile of course, if Owens doesnít drop any or at least only drops a few passes. Heís such a big weapon, and he draws the attention of an entire defense, Owens can open up the field for the rest of the offense. The 49ers need to be able to exploit defenses that favor Owens in coverage, they need to be able to use different weapons that will draw coverage away from Owens.

No, the 49ers wouldnít be better off with two good receivers instead of the one great one and rest that they currently have. Rather the team would be best off with the receivers they have, but with their secondary threat stepping it up. Tai Streets looks like he has done that in his two starts, and if the team can remain aggressive in itís offensive philosophy the question with what to do at receiver will certainly diminish.

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