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49ers Begin Second Round
June 10 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers have begun setting up their second round of free agency. Late last week, the 49ers extended a preliminary contract offer to offensive tackle Blake Brockermeyer. 49ers Paradise has been covering this story all off-season, and it now seems like a greater probability of the team signing him. Although the latest team statement on Brockermeyer still pitted the odds at 50/50, the contract offer had to have changed those.

Brockermeyer is recuperating from injury, and is a luxury to the team that already has a starting offensive line in place. Still the 49ers would like to be able to better protect Jeff Garciaís blind side, and thatís where they believe Brockermeyer could fit in. Blake would not necessarily be in football shape by the first game of the season - given the severity of his injury, and the 49ers are one of the few teams with enough money to sign him, and the ability to permit a full recovery.

Should the 49ers go through this off-season without the signing of a top-notch offensive tackle, it will mean they either have some high hopes for someone on the depth charts, maybe Eric Heitman, Milfrod Stephenson, or Matt Willig (some of who would have to shift over from guard), or the team is considering taking a tackle on the first day of next years draft.

The 49ers offensive line is in good shape. With the addition of Ron Stone it should be better this season than it was last. Only time will tell how big a priority the team feels the line is, but the latest news on Brockermeyer is quite promising.

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