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Roster Trim Down
June 8 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers have already begun their roster trim down. The team must cut its current roster of 95, down to 86, including the NFL Europe roster exemptions. The 49ers are likely to add a few free agents during this time too.

Linebacker TJ Turner was the first cut, after spending just a few weeks with the team. Turner is likely to be just one of many as the team begins to get serious about who it wants to take to training camp.

The 49ers are expected to cut one quarterback and one kicker during this time too. By the looks of things now, that appears to be Giovanni Carmazzi (unless heís placed on the pup list again) and kicker Jamie Rheem (though all the kickers are very equally matched, Rheem has less experience, and the team didnít invest a draft pick in him).

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