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49ers Shuffle Roster Again
September 10 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers were able to add Jerome Davis to their practice squad two days after releasing him from the team. A fan favorite at defensive end, the 49ers will likely re-activate him once Jim Flanigan returns from injury, and the team can part ways with defensive tackles Ross Kolodzieg and Garret Johnson.

Clearly the 49ers are not content with keeping the same 53 men on their roster all season, and they will continue to try and get the best possible 53 men on their roster.

Mariucci reported that Jim Flanigan is expected to return to practice on Wednesday. Jeff Ulbrich is getting closer to recovering, but is not practicing yet. Matt Willig is still recovery from the arthroscopic procedure he underwent after the first game. Rashad Holman practiced despite his lingering rib injury. Saleem Rasheed returned to practice and is expected to play on Sunday.

According to a report from ESPN, the 49ers were contacted by the Redskins for a possible trade for place kicker Jeff Chandler. The 49ers spent a fourth round draft pick on Chandler this off-season, but Jose Cortez won the position anyway. The 49ers would likely want at least a fourth and lower round pick for Cortez, and would likely consider the trade in an effort to clear up another roster spot.

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