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Roster Juggling
October 24 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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In efforts to improve the team that the 49ers field week in and week out the 49ers made a number of roster moves on Tuesday and Wednesday to solidify their roster. The moves began with the release of defensive tackle Ross Kolodziej and defensive end Bobby Setzer, who has been on the reserve/injured list since the start of the season, on Tuesday.

The pre-emptive moves were designed to open a spot for linebacker Cornelius Anthony who was with the team during training camp, and was one of the final cuts of the off-season. Anthony is expected to be active for this weekend game against the Cardinals.

Anthony is expected to immediately contribute on special teams where the 49ers have been hurting since the loss of Paul Smith and Terry Jackson. The 49ers hope that Anthony can help the team in this area.

The team will also depend on Anthony to add some depth at linebacker, an area where the 49ers are in much need of help. Jamie Wiborn, Saleem Rasheed, and Frank Strong are all on the injury list. Julian Peterson is not fully healthy yet either. The addition of Anthony, gives the 49ers a little more depth at a hurting linebacker position.

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