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Even The Romans Donít Use Roman Numerals Anymore
June 17 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Iím sorry, but I just donít get it. The NFL is heading into Super Bowl thirty seven this year, and they still use Roman Numerals to count each game. Gosh, would it not be so much easier to right 37 instead of XXXVII? Really, itís getting ridiculous. The system is archaic, and even the WWF I mean, WWE has given up on counting there Wrestlemaniaís in this manner.

The Romanís donít even count in this manner anymore. If it wasnít for the Super Bowl the system would not even be understood by the current generation of youth. Simply put, thereís no logic to keeping the current system.

Iím all for tradition. I think that in all sports, tradition plays a big role, but XXXVII is just ludicrous when it could be 37. It makes less sense than using the imperial system of measurement. I mean feet were a good set of measuring tools back before modern science, but nowÖ come on. Itís time for America to take the double plunge. Go metric like the rest of the world, and while there at it, drop the Roman numerals in the Super Bowlís title.

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