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Robertson To Get Chance
December 11 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Jamal Robertson, this year’s winner of the MVP award in NFL Europe will get a real chance to showcase his talent on the NFL stage for the first time this weekend. Robertson will handle the kick return duties with the injury to Jimmy Williams forcing him to vacate that role.

Robertson did a good job returning the ball in the second half of the Cowboys game, and is looking forward to stepping up to the challenges of his new role. Robertson has been active to return kicks in previous games for the 49ers, but as the secondary returner never got a real chance to strut his stuff. This weekend, Robertson, for the first time will be the primary kick returner from the get go.

Brandon Moore Fills In Well

Brandon Moore, the rookie linebacker who has been on and off the 49ers regular roster this season saw his most extensive play time this past weekend. Moore filled in quite well, showing off some very good talents, and explosive closing speed.

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