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Robertson Hopes To Return Monday
July 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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49ers running back Jamal Robterson was injured on Friday. Robertson was having one of his best days in training camp, before getting his legs tangled with Cedrick Wislonís falling to the ground, and hurting his back. Robertson lay motionless for nearly twenty minutes as he was loaded onto an ambulance. The only encouraging signs were that he could wiggle his fingers and toes.

Results from extensive tests that included a MRI and X-Ray exam, showed that Robertson did nothing more than extensively strain his back. The alternative could have been far worse and career threatening.

Robertson was in good shape Saturday, he returned to training camp, only to observe of course. He cited that he would like to resume practicing with the team on Monday, but given Steve Mariucciís propensity to take injury recoveries very slow, Robertson may not see the field again until right before the team leaves for Osaka Japan.

Robertson is working to claim the sixth running back spot on the roster. He is offering the team all he has, quickly dashing up the field on running plays, and while returning kicks. Still the competition is very think at the running back spot, and Robertson will have to fight with all he has to make the team. He has however done a tremendous job so far, and is one of the few running backs that has had success running up the middle of the defense. His shifty running style is reminiscent of Charlie Garner, and perhaps thatís why he has had the success running up the middle.

Thereís nothing Robertson wants more than to prove his outing in NFL Europe (where he won the MVP award) was no fluke. He is determined to make the 49ers roster, but canít relent his pursuit if he intends to actually make the cut.

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