Just The Right Time--10/22/01
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Speak to anyone in the 49ers organization and they will be happy to tell you that the bye week came at just the right time for them. After all, doesnít it always? It seems that the bye week for any team, be it the first week, last week, or anywhere in the middle always occurs at just the right time.

The 49ers have injuries piling up, left, right and really at center, so of course this is a great time for the bye week. Naturally the team leaves out the part about having momentum built up having been on a winning streak and boasting one of the best records in the NFL. That part is unsurprisingly omitted because in that respect, the bye week did not come at the right time.

Letís face it, when teams start winning, they donít want to stop. They most certainly donít want to start when they are just gaining confidence, but heck the injuries were piling up, so the bye week did indeed come at just the right time.

Had the teamís bye week come in week one, they would have also said that it came at just the right time. It would give the team an extra week to evaluate their first opponent, who would have the disadvantage of having no film from the new season to study from two weeks in row. Then too would the bye week have come at just the right time.

Just the right time is nothing more than a clichť. Truth of the matter is any team is happy to have a week off to get healthy, rest, and see family at any point in the season. The 49ers and every team for that matter, are always happy when the bye week comes, so it always comes at just the right time.

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