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Rice Match Ups
November 1 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Jerry Rice is a legend in San Francisco. The all time great receiver holds just about every record possible for receivers, and many for offensive players. This week, Rice will get to play against his former team, in the Battle of The Bay.

Jerry Rice will be matched up against cornerbacks Jason Webster and Ahmed Plummer. Two cornerbacks that he taught lessons to every day in practice. Rice will be teamed with fellow future hall of fame receiver Tim Brown, and both will look to teach the 49ers young corners a lesson.

Cornerback Jason Webster is looking forward to the opportunity to play against Rice in a reular season game. Webster was given the task of covering Rice every day while they were on the same team, with Ahmed Plummer playing mainly against Owens. Webster canít wait to match up against the best one more time.

"I'll have to get plenty of rest because Jerry is going to bring it every down, every route," Webster said. "That's the thing I learned from him is how to practice." Webster wants Rice to be proud of him when he watches game footage following the game. Essentially he wants to make his mentor proud. "I hope he sees me improving in areas that I didn't play so well in my rookie year," Webster said.

Itís odd for cornerbacks to look to receivers as mentors, but in the 49ers organization that has long been the norm. Other than Deion Sanders, in recent history the 49ers have been troubled finding cornerbacks, and so with no veteran to teach the youngsters, they had to learn from playing against some of the best receivers in the league. For Webster and Plummer it seems to have paid off.

Watching Jerry Rice will certainly be fun again, especially because he has the opportunity to score his 200th touchdown. But itís not just rice, the whole receiver/cornerback match up should be a good when as Ahmed Plummer, Jason Webster and Mike Rumph team up against Jerry Rie, Tim Brown and Jerry Porter - a trio that has combined for 116 catches so far this season.

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