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Thursday Walk Through, Friday Off
August 30 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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After playing three games in a ten day stretch, the 49ers have a fairly relaxing two days. The team will run through a game walkthrough on Thursday and have a day off on Friday. During that time the 49ers management will try and make soe tough decisions about the status of the roster.

The 49ers will begin their regular game preparations on Saturday as they have a very short time to get ready for the Giants game in New York on Thursday. The 49ers have only 8 days between their final pre-season game and the first game of the season.

In an attempt to get as much preparation time as possible, some starting 49ers, including Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens began watching video tape of the Giants prior to the final exhibition game. Coaches encouraged as many players who were secure in their roster spots, to do the same.

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