Restoring the 49ers---1/20/99

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Heading in the right direction, the 49ers are putting their front office back together. To do this, they are looking to their past and future. Bill Walsh, former head coach of the 49ers is returning to the 49ers as the general manager. Walsh is a great coach, and is reffered to as the "Genius" of football. Walsh will be able to make the tough decisions that most coaches and staff would be afraid to make. Walsh will work along side John McVay, who came back to the 9ers earlier this year. McVay will help negotiate contracts. Walsh and McVay are also responsible for grooming their successors. Walsh's will be Terry Donahue, former UCLA head coach. Donahue will join the team on Thursday January 21st as the Director of Player Personell. Succeeding McVay, and responsible for the stadium and league matters will most likely be Gene Washington. Washington is a former 49er wide receiver and has been working with the NFL as a consultant for four years. However Washington will not be signed until the Eddie Debartlo deal is done. The new front office marks the biggest turn around since 1981.

With such a big change in the front office, many people are thinking the 9ers will change their players drastically. However Walsh said that the 9ers are a good team at 12-4. Walsh also has not made any clear comments as to the future quarterback of the 49ers. He has said it could be Drukenmiller, or it could be Ty Detmer. Walsh has only seen one practise in which Drukenmiller participated, and this could be why he has not made a decision at quarterback. However Walsh did say the 49ers would be looking to the draft for help, and is very dissapointed with the lack of a 2nd round pick. Walsh believes that the future of the NFL is through the draft, not free agency. Some cenarios have the 9ers picking a deffensive back, such as Tre Bly or Fernando Bryant in the first round, then trading Druk for an early second round pick to draft Cade McNown. Still nobody is certain yet.

The 49ers are still moving forth in free agency. They have already re-signed offensive lineman Dave Fiore. Fiore had an excellent season last year. Now the 9ers have to other significant free agents left, Terrell Owens (restricted) and JJ Stokes (unrestricted). The 9ers would like to keep Owens and possibly Stokes. They are the future of the 9ers. Walsh will be faced with many tough player decisions in the up comming weeks, it will be interesting to see how he handles them. . Talk about it in the 49ers forum

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