Instant Replay

The NFL has said no to instant replay once too many times. What will it cost to return instant replay to the NFL? Talking to many fans has given me the impression that almost everyone would rather the game take fifteen minutes longer, then seeing the wrong team in the Super Bowl. As it is fans see the bad calls that the refs make anyway, so why not save some face, and use technology to its full potential.

There have been a few suggestions as to how replay should come back, basic features are:

  • Bring the replay monitor to field level.
  • Replay is limited to a certain amount of challenges a game.
  • Wrong challenges are penalized with a timeout.
  • All TDs and INTs reviewed.
    These features would work very well, if they could ever pass the vote to bring them back.

    Essentially, coaches would be given a red flag at the beginning of the game. They are then permitted to have two plays reviewed per half, and two if the game goes into overtime. The officials, would then review the plays on the sidelines and come to a conclusion. All touchdowns will be reviewed, as well as interceptions. If however a call goes against the challenging team, they will be penalized by losing a touchdown. This could prevent the inevitability of sending the wrong team to the Super Bowl.

    The re-institution of instant replay is crucial, if the NFL has the fans best interests are a priority. The 49ers are amoung many teams in favour instant replay, and rightfully so. After being eliminated from the playoffs due to bad calls by the refs repeatedly, it is only natural that they have formed a grudge against the refs and have acknowledged the necessity of instant replay.

    Please sign the Instant Replay petition, there is a link on my links page.

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