49ers Release Bunch--08/28/01
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In an effort to meet league regulations the 49ers released seven players in addition to Junior Bryant. The victims were T Tom Ashworth (Colorado), P Stephen Cheek (Hulboldt State), CB Stephen Fisher (North Carolina), WR Grant Heard (Mississippi), RB Saladin McCullough (Oregon), S Brian Smith (Massachusetts) and FB Josh White (California).

The release of Punter Stephen Cheek all but guarantees that Chad Stanley will return to the 49ers as the punter. Stanley had a week 2000 season, and did not show much sign of improvement this off-season. The 49ers will need to work tremendously on their special teams coverage assignments to make this work out.

The release of fullback Josh White was somewhat unfortunate. White a decent player, was clearly over matched in the 49ers plethora of running backs, the same goes for running back Saladin McCullough. Grant Heard was in a similar position at receiver where the 49ers are already over stocked, as they are at safety which lead to Brian Smith's release.

All in not many surprised in this cut down list. It was unfortunate to see Junior Bryant get waived from the team, the versatile Bryant is still recovering from a neck and back injury.

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