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RedZone Efficiency Down
September 08 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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One of the biggest areas of concern after the 49ers first game of the season was their redzone efficiency or lack there of for that matter. The team was able to move the ball rather well until they entered the Giants redzone - at that point they stalled. As a result, the 49ers had a very hard time putting points on the board.

Interestingly, of the 16 points the team scored, or rather, the four different occasions that they scored; only once did it come from inside the 20-yard line. Itís obviously harder to score from farther away from the endzone so this statistic is quite puzzling. Thatís an astonishing low 25% of their scores coming from the redzone.

Also interesting, was that the team only scored once in the five times that they were in the redzone. Clearly the team was able to get into scoring position enough times to put some real points on the board, but they constantly failed to score. One out of five, is only 20%.

Perhaps even more disturbing was that when the team was given a goal to go situation (ie, a first down less than ten yards from the endzone), the team scored only one out of three times. Again the team was able to get into position, but simply couldnít convert to put points on the board. Thatís only 33%.

Whether it was from a good defensive stand, or the offense moving the ball, the 49ers were in position to score 5 times. Had they converted four of those tries as field goals even, in conjunction with their scores from outside of the redzone, the team would have scored 24 points, an eight point improvement.

While I know that these dismal statistics are only the collection from one game, the first game for that matter - I canít help but worry. The 49ers play some high powered offenses this season, starting in week two against the Broncos, and they need to be able to score. Rectifying this issue will be essential if the 49ers want to be a legitimate threat this season. The 49ers got away with one in the opening game, but they arenít likely to get that lucky again.

The 49ers are historically extremely efficient in the redzone, and the team simply canít be successful otherwise. Itís time to stop fooling around, and put some points on the board.

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