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Red Zone Struggles
November 6 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Historically the 49ers have been a very efficient team in the red zone, but as I pointed out last week, this season the 49ers are walking away with more field goals than touchdowns, and itís hurting them. Though the 49ers had two weeks, against the Saints and Cardinals where they were able to score quite well from inside the red zone, those two games were the exception to the season performance, not the rule.

Most recently, against the Raiders the 49ers again struggled from inside the red zone. The team was a brutal, scoring two touchdowns, on 6 drives into the red zone. Thatís a potential 18 plays from which the 49ers were not able to score more than two touchdowns from.

The team was equally bad from inside the ten yard line, where they were a measly 1 for 4 in scoring touchdowns, again a dismal statistic. The 49ers are in one of the toughest parts of their schedule, and if they intend to compete with some of the leagues better teams, theyíll have to be able to score points, especially from inside the twenty. Field goals are not good enough.

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