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The Red Flag
October 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Who knew that the 49ers had a backup for the red flag used to signal an instant replay challenge, which in its self is a contingency plan. Every team has a red flag that coaches use in the even that there buzzer fails to signal the Ďzebrasí that they wish to challenge the ruling on the field On Sunday, we learned that the 49ers have a second red flag to throw in the event that something happens to the first one.

As Steve Mariucci frantically tried to get the red flag from his back pocket to challenge a long David Boston reception, Jason Tarver, the teamís offensive quality-control coach threw a flag on the field. Mariucci has a discussion with Tarver immediately following the incident, likely telling him that he had no place throwing the flag, and should have given it to the coach to throw. Mariucci would not comment on specifics of the conversation.

The challenge of course, was correct by the 49ers, and the ruling on the field reversed. In fact head coach Steve Mariucci is a perfect 4-4 on instant reply challenges this season. Donít expect him to lose track of his red flag again, and Jason Tarver wonít get much more press.

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