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Team Records Falling
January 08 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Over the past two seasons weíve seen some tremendous team records shattered. First it was Garcia leading the team in the 2000 season, in the process surpassing Joe Montana and Steve Young for the most yards ever thrown on the 49ers. And with throwing for at least thirty touchdown passes in two consecutive seasons, Garcia became the only 49er to do that too. Then of course there was Terrell Owens setting a team and NFL record for pass receptions in a game. And finally this season, the 49ers set a new team record for shutouts in a season.

It is amazing that while watching this team build back from the depths of the NFL, that they were able to accomplish and surmount such records. The three shutouts this season was truly an incredible accomplishment. The 49ers defense has been suffering since the end of the George Seifert era, and finally Jim Mora Jr seems to have the defense chemistry and talents to really surmount an opposition to opponents.

Watching the 49ers defense mature, and mold into a solid group has been truly incredible. Ahmed Plummer and Zack Bronson both finished the season with seven interceptions. Plummer a second year player developed quicker than anyone could ever have imagined. And Bronson wasnít even supposed to start this season until John Keith suffered his injury. It didnít stop there though. Jason Webster and Lance Schulters solidified the backfield thanks to a much stronger pass rush up front - that despite not mounting many sacks early in the season, was able to generate enough pressure to ease some of the pressure from the cornerbacks.

Itís been a historic season for the 49ers, particularly on defense. If this group can be held together, it could be a solid foundation for the future. Of course with the 49ers traveling to Green Bay this Sunday, it is no time to rest. A key defensive showing in containing Brett Favre will be key in this NFC Wild Card game.

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