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Lots Of Recognition Given To Team Lately
April 30 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
This off-season has been pretty impressive so far. The team has kept many key players, and signed others to upgrade its self. It is exactly the type of off-season most hope for. Over the past couple days though; the 49ers have had an added bonus thrown into their off-season. Two 49ers, and one former 49er, received great recognition from the world outside of the NFL.

Steve Mariucci is one such man. Mariucci was selected as the California Interscholastic Federation’s winner of the “Pursuing Victor With Honor Award”. He award is given to a coach who best exemplifies the professional aspects of the position, leading a team with character, and class to victories. Those of us who know Steve Mariucci know, that there is no one more deserving of Mariucci. He is highly regarded by the players and staff of the team as well as the opposition in the league. Mariucci will receive his award on May 2nd at a ceremony at the State Capitol of Sacramento.

Jeff Garcia was the other current 49er to receive recognition. Garcia was invited to visit the White House by George W. Bush as part of the Cinco de Mayo Reception. The reception on May 3rd, is to honor Latinos who have made significant contributions and advancements within their communities. Garcia will also attend a subsequent celebration in California celebrating the same topic on May 6th.

Former 49er Brent Jones was recently inducted into the College Football Hall Of Fame. Jones a long time tight end for the 49ers, change the way the position was played catching over 400 passes in the NFL> His 137 college receptions and over 2000 yards and 200 points though are what brought him the collegiate honor.

Every once in a while it’s great to see 49ers recognizes in this manner. For one, it shows the team has a long and storied history but with Mariucci and Garcia receiving honors too, it shows the team has bright and hopeful future too.

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