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Getting Ready
November 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Where do we go from here?
Cutting two kickers was a good start to addressing some of the difficulties on the team.

Activating James Jordan was supposed to help with the coverage units, the same could be said about the return of Saleem Rasheed this week, and the activation of Jamal Robertson with the injury to Kevan Barlow. But will all that be enough to improve special teams?

Will a possible change at nickel back help the defensive backfield? I certainly feel putting Webster back on the outside instead of in the slot will make a difference. I also believe John Keith will actually be an upgrade over Ronnie Heard, my only question is do the 49ers now have two strong safeties on their roster?

What about the offensive line? How will it hold up with all of its injuries. No changes have been made here, and Fred Beasley is banged up. The return of Eric Johnson should certainly help with the protection and passing game.

Donít expect any major coaching changes, but Steve Mariucci and his staff may have had a fire lit under him after the failure to advance their position in the NFC in two consecutive weeks. Look for at least some minor changes in the coaching philosophies that will hopefully begin on defense with more blitzing.

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